Mazda Launch

Mapping rotating platform 360º


Concept 3D model

Render layout, Led Back Stage Screen of 12×2,5 mts, 4032×840 pixels. Rotating platform with high resolution projection and real time rendering.

The event dynamic

In the course of the experience the viewers will be divided in two groups of 5 people, wich will live a simultaneous experience. Inside group: this group will go inside the Mazda 3, wich will rotate alongside the vehicle and we’ll show them specifications ad hoc to the exterior design Outside group: this group will take a seat and they‘ll see how the vehicle is traced with shapes and real time mapping, while the platform is continuously rotating. We’ll show elements and technology ad hoc to the exterior design. Once the experience is over, we make a change in the groups.

Render Layout

The model
3D printing for a scale test of the mapping with the rotating platform.

Process of Animation

Test of animation, transitions and built of SkyActiv architecture.

Vimeo video

Show for the 2019 Launch of their All-New Mazda 3.
 The Show included Real-time car tracking mixed with 3D mapping. Our goal was to impress the audience by mixing real rotation movement with digital illusion, where the Mazda 3 was seemingly assembled right in front of their eyes, blurring the lines between digital and reality.