Innova the unique character for MasterCard


The event dynamic

For the Limitless Debit event the experience is focused on the projection in real time of the virtual MC “Innova”. She will lead the crowd through out the event, guide them and introduce the different exponents.

Render layout

Innova the MC

3D model of Innova ready with UV map, rigging, textures and lights for the motion capture process.
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Motion capture system

On the left side we see the motion capture system of the whole human body; this animation is in real time applied to the 3D model (right side).

Face tracking system

The Face Tracking System works in a different way then the Motion Capture. First, the animator has to make almost all the expressions of the face, later they are uploaded to the program that captures the movement of the face and finally the 3D model is ready for testing (video on the right).
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Vimeo video - US experience

We developed a high detail Virtual MC 3D model for the 2019 MasterCard Innovation Forum. The MC was named “Innova” and conducted the whole event, introducing amazing keynote speakers such as Vint Cerf, one of the “fathers of the internet”, and famous writer Isabel Allende. The MC surprised the audience, appearing on stage in magical ways and doing things a traditional MC could not do. We live-streamed our Virtual MC to the main stage where the audience watched the performance. The MC interacted with real-time visuals, a creative solution mixing motion capture and real-time streaming. Special Thanks to great talent, Marilyn Luna for her amazing performance and voice, and to MasterCard for giving us the opportunity to deploy this technological breakthrough at their Innovation Forum 2019.